Saudi Arabia publishes list of 154 wanted terror suspects on the run

Those with information about the wanted men are asked to tip off securities by calling 990 or by visiting the nearest security post

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Saudi security authorities are on the lookout for 154 wanted terror suspects named in nine lists published by the Ministry of Interior earlier, according to sources.

The ministry asked those who have any information about these wanted men to tip off the security agencies by calling 990 or by visiting the nearest security post.

The informer will get ($260,000) SR1 million for information about one wanted person. The reward will be increased to SR5 million in the event of providing information about more than one wanted suspect.

If the information helps in foiling a terrorist attack, the reward amount will be increased to ($1,860,000) SR7 million.

The security agencies also updated the list of suspects arrested during the past eight days from various regions of Saudi Arabia, according to sources.

The arrested suspects include 15 Saudis, 12 Egyptians, one Syrian, a Pakistani and a Jordanian. This is in addition to the earlier arrests, which Saudi Gazette was the first to report on Sunday.

Eight of the nine Americans were detained in the past three months, according to a website belonging to the Interior Ministry. The detainee list shows four Americans were arrested in November and December of 2015 and another four Americans were detained on Jan. 25.

One U.S. citizen was arrested in March 2007 and was convicted and has the right to appeal.

The latest update to the official list, which includes 5,158 detainees who are mostly Saudi nationals, was made on Monday. The list of detainees is posted on the Interior Ministry’s Nafethah website, which helps relatives communicate with detainees.

This article first appeared in the Saudi Gazette on Feb. 3, 2016.