Saudi Arabia welcomes GCC’s stance against Hezbollah

Saudi King Salman chairs a cabinet session at the Al-Yamama Palace in Riyadh. (SPA)

Saudi Arabia’s council of ministers on Monday reaffirmed the decision of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to consider Hezbollah militia’s leaders, affiliated factions and organizations “as terrorists, ” during a sessions chaired by Saudi King Salman Al-Yamama Palace in Riyadh.

The Cabinet noted that the GCC took the decision against Hezbollah “after taking into account its continuing hostilities and its flagrant violation of the sovereignty of Gulf states and its destabilizing of regional security and stability, as well as its practices which are contrary to humanitarian values and international laws.”

Saudi Minister of Culture and Information Adel Al-Turaifi said that the cabinet welcomed the ‘Tunisia Declaration,’ adopted recently by the 33rd session of the Council of Arab Interior Ministers, reiterating its strong condemnation of terrorism, its supporters and financiers.

The Cabinet said it valued the strong message of the declaration, which condemned the attack on Saudi missions in Iran as well as the Iranian activities aimed at destabilizing the security and stability in Bahrain and other Arab states.

This article first appeared in the Saudi Gazette on March 8, 2016.

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