Arab coalition destroys Houthi arms in Taez

An airstrikes destroyed a large arsenal of weapons of the Houthi militias in Taez as the fight against the militias continues

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An Arab coalition aircraft destroyed a Houthi weapon arsenal in the southwestern city of Taez, as the Popular Resistance and forces loyal to Yemen’s internationally recognized government fight the militias in the city on Friday.

The airstrikes, carried by the coalition, destroyed a large arsenal of weapons of the militias in Taez, which is the country’s third largest city, allowing the Popular Residence and forces loyal to President Abdrabbu Mansour Hadi to progress in their continued fight against the militias that began last week, said Colonel Abdul-Aziz al-Majidi, an official at the National Chamber of army operations and Popular Resistance.

The move comes as the Popular Resistance and forces in the western province of Taez plan to take control of the road between Taez and the port city of al-Hudayda.

The spokesman for the Arab military coalition said on Thursday that major combat operations in Yemen are coming to an end, after which the coalition will work on “long-term” plans to bring stability to the country.

Saudi Brig. Gen. Ahmed al-Assiri said that major military combats were coming to a close and that the next phase of rebuilding and reconstruction will begin shortly.

Forces loyal to Yemen’s president broke the siege by the Iranian-allied Houthis around the city of Taez last week, as the United States raised the possibility of a Syrian-style truce in Yemen.

Supporters of Hadi, backed by the coalition, have been trying for months to lift the siege of the southwestern city and open up supply routes.

The coalition has been trying for a year to roll back gains by the Houthi militia and restore the internationally recognized government of Hadi, who is currently in Saudi Arabia.