Saudi women pin high hopes on national reform plan

More and more jobs are set to open up for Saudis with the expansion of Saudi Arabia to a more diversified economy

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Saudi women are anticipating with high hope the launch of the National Transformation Plan.

Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, second deputy premier and minister of defense, is set to announce on Monday his “Vision 2030,” which is expected to set goals for the next 15 years and a broad policy agenda to reach them.

Human Resources and Institutional Development consultant Amal Shirah said the transformation plan includes the Saudization of many economic sectors and fields of work.

“There are five million job vacancies for Saudis in the Kingdom. With the development of institutions such as the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, there are now a number of new Saudi graduates with the knowledge the market needs,” said Shirah.

She added that the private sector does not have the excuse of not finding qualified Saudis anymore.

More and more jobs are opening up for Saudis with the expansion of Saudi Arabia to a more diversified economy which is not dependent on oil, Shirah said.

“We need to set a deadline for expatriates working in administrative and office jobs. Six years is the maximum period of time an expatriates should be able to occupy an administrative position in the Kingdom. Expatriates should be relieved from their post after they reach 45 years of age. The Kingdom must provide jobs for its own citizens,” said Shirah.

Human Resources and Administrative Development consultant Layla Al-Barakati said that national transformation includes the restructuring of the public sector which is an important step for working women in Saudi Arabia.

This article first appeared in the Saudi Gazette on Apr. 25, 2016.