Mall arrest after suicide vest mistake

Kuwaiti police arrested a man after worried shoppers thought his chunky attire was a suicide vest

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Kuwaiti police arrested a man in a shopping mall suspected of wearing a suicide vest, local media reported. The only thing was the vest was an exercise jacket packed with weights rather than explosives.

Concerned shoppers at the mall in the Kuwaiti governorate of Hawalli, tipped off police after spotting the man’s chunky attire and assumed he was a terrorist about to blow himself up.

When police approached the man, they arrested him and strapped his hands together behind his back. They carefully removed the vest, expecting to find explosives and a detonator.

Instead all they found were exercise weights designed to add resistance when walking and running to help boost fitness and burn calories.

Witnesses told local press the police dealt with the man “in a professional manner” and they said there was no panic.

Kuwaitis remain on high alert after last year’s deadly suicide bomb attack on a mosque in Kuwait city in June, 2015, which left 27 worshippers dead.

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