Yemen govt: Our disagreement with opposition is substantial

The Yemeni government reiterated on Friday its commitment to a political “road map” offered by the UN envoy to Yemen to the country’s warring sides

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The Yemeni government reiterated on Friday its commitment to help the UN envoy to Yemen in his mission, urging the opposition to abide by what had been agreed.

The Yemeni government delegation said in a statement that it still has a "substantial disagreement" with the putschists due to their refusal to abide by procedures agreed to end the coup.

The statement called to focus on "executing the commitments that were agreed on ‎and to create positive climate to bilateral discussions carried out by the Special Envoy with leaders quitely and away from the media."

The UN envoy to Yemen, Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed said the next two weeks would be “dedicated” to supporting consultation with the warring sides and their leaderships.

The diplomat made the statement following his announcement on Wednesday that the talks had been adjourned on Wednesday, until July 15, after the Eid break, when they will reconvene in Kuwait.

A shaky ceasefire coinciding with negotiations has paused fighting which raged across the country, though Saudi-led air strikes have increased as Iran-allied Houthis have made ground advances while ISIS has taken advantage of a security vacuum to launch a string of bombings.

The talks have brought together the Houthi movement and Yemen’s internationally-recognized government, but have achieved little concrete progress in over two months.

The Houthis have denied Iranian backing and accuse the government of corruption and dependence of foreign powers.

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