UN, Saudis work to resolve row over child rights blacklist

Foreign Minister Abel al-Jubeir ready to take ‘the necessary concrete measures’

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The United Nations expects the Saudi-led coalition to take measures in the coming weeks to address a row over a child rights violation blacklist before an upcoming meeting early next month, a UN spokesman said on Thursday.

A review of the situation is due to come up in the Security Council on Aug. 2.

“We hope that in advance of the debate on August 2, the coalition will be able to provide us with some information on the concrete actions they have taken,” said UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric, according to AFP.

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir met with Ban at the UN headquarters on Thursday to discuss the situation in Yemen just as peace talks were scheduled to resume in Kuwait.

During the meeting, Jubeir said the coalition was ready to take “the necessary concrete measures,” AFP has quoted Dujarric.

Jubeir told reporters that the coalition was waging its air campaign “with great care in order to avoid damages to civilians and in particular children.”

“We have explained this to the United Nations and our dialogue is ongoing, ” he added.

The United Nations had briefly blacklisted the coalition but later withdrew it from the list pending more discussion and assessment.

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