World leaders react to Turkey coup attempt

Obama has come out in defense of the elected government of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

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There have been multiple reactions from world leaders after an attempted coup from a faction within the Turkish military began on Friday night.

Most have called for calm and restraint while the United States has come out siding with the elected government of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his AK Party.

Saudi Arabia welcomes normalcy

Saudi Arabia, Kingdon of Bahrain and State of Kuwait welcomed Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan's success in prevailing against the coup attempt.

Saudi state news agency SPA quoted a foreign ministry official as saying on Saturday "the source expressed the kingdom's welcome that things are returned to normal led by his Excellency President Tayyip Erdogan and his elected government and in line with the constitutional legitimacy and the will of the Turkish people."

"The source concluded the statement by expressing Saudi Arabia's keenness on Turkey's security, stability and prosperity," the statement added.

Meanwhile the UAE also welcomed the end of the coup attempt and Turkey’s return to its legitimate constitutional track.

United States: Supporting the elected government

US President Barack Obama Secretary of State John Kerry agreed all parties in Turkey should show restraint, avoid any violence or bloodshed.

Both agreed all parties in Turkey should support elected Turkish government.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon said it is taking steps to ensure safety, security of service members, civilians, their families, and facilities in Turkey.

In a statement, Secretary of State John Kerry said the US is “monitoring a very fluid situation.”

“I spoke this evening to Foreign Minister Cavusoglu and emphasized the United States’ absolute support for Turkey’s democratically-elected, civilian government and democratic institutions.

“We urge all parties to ensure the safety and well-being of diplomatic missions and personnel and civilians throughout Turkey.

“Our Embassy and Consulates in Turkey continue to provide updates to US citizens in ‪Turkey. US citizens should shelter in place and stay indoors; and update family and friends of status when possible,” Kerry added.

Hillary Clinton: urges calm following Turkey coup attempt

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton expressed "great concern" Friday at the coup attempt in Turkey, urging calm in the key US ally.

"I am following the fast-moving developments in Turkey tonight with great concern," Clinton said in a statement. "We should all urge calm and respect for laws, institutions, and basic human rights and freedoms -- and support for the democratically elected civilian government."

Britain: 'Remain vigilant'

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said he was “very concerned” about the events.

The former mayor of London, who became foreign minister under the new government of Prime Minister Theresa May this week, also called for calm after monitoring the situation through the night.

"(We) remain very concerned about what's been going on there," he told broadcasters on Saturday. "First thing to say obviously is we want to urge calm, the avoidance of any further bloodshed and it is crucial that we support the democratic institutions of Turkey."

France hopes Turkey 'emerges stronger'

French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault on Saturday condemned an attempted coup in Turkey and said he hoped its "democracy will emerge strengthened."

"The Turkish population showed its maturity and courage by committing to the respect of its institutions. It paid the price with many victims," he said in a statement.

United Nations: Appealing for calm

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon appealed for calm in Turkey on Friday and was said to be monitoring the situation, said a UN spokesman.

“The Secretary-General is closely following developments in Turkey. He is aware of the reports of a coup attempt in the country. The United Nations is seeking to clarify the situation on the ground and appeals for calm,” said spokesman Farhan Haq.

An hour after the released statement, the UN chief urged for a quick return to civilian rule in Turkey.

Qatar: We denounce military coup attempt

The Gulf state of Qatar said on Saturday it denounced and condemned a military coup attempt in Turkey, according to Qatar state news agency QNA.

Turkey set up a military base in Qatar in April as part of a defence agreement aimed at helping the two countries confront "common enemies".

Qatar and Turkey, both economic heavyweights, have provided support for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, backed rebels fighting to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and raised the alarm about what they say is creeping Iranian influence in the region.

GCC: Urging citizens to remain safe

The United Arab Emirates’ foreign ministry is calling for all its nationals in Turkey to remain safe and vigilant.

Bahrain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has called on all Bahraini nationals in Turkey to exercise extreme caution and the need to stay in their places of residences and avoid leaving outdoors.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia airlines has announced the cancellation of all flights all flights to Turkey are suspended until further notice.

Iran halls ‘defense of democracy’

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif spoke with his Turkish counterpart three times since the crisis began.

On Twitter, he hailed the Turkish people's "defense of democracy & their elected government" which he said "proves that coups have no place in our region and are doomed to fail."

"Deeply concerned about the crisis in Turkey," Zarif tweeted late on Friday.

"Stability, democracy & safety of Turkish people are paramount. Unity & prudence are imperative."

Israeli condemnation

Israel, which last month approved a deal to restore ties frozen after a deadly Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound Turkish ship in 2010, also condemned the coup attempt.

"Israel respects the democratic process in Turkey and looks forward to the continuation of the reconciliation process between Turkey and Israel," said foreign ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon.
Iran's regional arch foe Saudi Arabia also welcomed Erdogan's regain of control.

Sudan stands besides Erdogan

In Khartoum, President Omar al-Bashir condemned "the attempted coup in Turkey and the disturbance of security and stability in the country."

"The government of Sudan and its people stand besides President Erdogan and the people of Turkey to ensure security and stability in Turkey," the presidency statement added.

United Kingdom Foreign Office:

A Foreign Office Spokeswoman said: “We are concerned by events unfolding in Ankara and Istanbul. Our Embassy is monitoring the situation closely. Given the current uncertainty we advise British nationals to avoid public places, remain vigilant and monitor the FCO website for travel advice.”

Germany: Democratic institutions ‘must be respected

Germany said democratic institutions in Turkey "must be respected", as a military coup against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was under way, the spokesman for Chancellor Angela Merkel said Saturday.

"The democratic order must be respected," Steffen Seibert tweeted. "Everything must be done to protect human lives," he added.


NATO chief calls for "full respect" for Turkey's democratic institutions, constitution.

EU chiefs: Urge 'swift return' to constitution in Turkey

EU chiefs Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker on Saturday backed Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's government and urged a "swift return" to normal after a coup attempt.

"Turkey is a key partner for the European Union. The EU fully supports the democratically elected government, the institutions of the country and the rule of law," European Council President Tusk and European Commission head Juncker said in a joint statement.

Russia: Turkey coup bid increases threat to regional stability

Russia's foreign ministry on Saturday said the coup attempt in Turkey increases the threat to stability in the region.

"Moscow is most concerned at the latest events in Turkey," the foreign ministry said in a statement.

"The flare-up of the domestic political situation against the backdrop of the existing terrorist threats in this country and the armed conflict in the region brings a heightened risk to international and regional stability."

Japan: Turkey's democracy must be respected

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Saturday Turkey's democracy must be respected, according to Kyodo news agency.

"I strongly hope the situation normalizes quickly, and that peace and order are restored," Kyodo quoted Abe as saying in a statement.

South Korea considers sending team to Turkey

South Korea's Foreign Ministry on Saturday advised its nationals to cancel planned trips to Turkey and recommended citizens now in the country to pull out.

In a special travel warning, the ministry said it was considering sending a team of officials to aid South Koreans in Turkey and working to secure the safety of tourists stranded at Istanbul airport.

Earlier, the ministry said: "The government expresses grave concern about the situation arising from actions by a part of Turkish military and hopes the situation is swiftly brought under control through enforcement of democratic and constitutional order and stability is restored."