Group linked to Egypt Brotherhood says behind mufti’s killing attempt

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A group believed to be affiliated to the banned Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood movement claimed on Friday responsibility over the failed attempt to kill the country’s former Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa.

Movement of the Hands of Egypt, also known as Hasem, said on its Facebook account that Gomaa was targeted on Friday at 12:05 PM local time in October 6 city, 32 km south of Cairo.

But with many civilians being present at the scene and with Gomaa running to a mosque nearby, the operation proved to be futile, Hasem said.

Hasem said the operation was against what it described as “the military and its militias belonging to [Egyptian President] Abdullfatah Al-Sisi.”

While it is not possible to verify the authenticity of Hasem’s Facebook account, the group sees Gomaa as a supporter to the military establishment, and vowed more attacks against Sisi’s government.

In late June, Cairo celebrated the army’s 2013 overthrow of an Islamist president belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is now a blacklisted movement in Egypt, with a new national holiday.

The government referred to as the holiday as the “June 30 Revolution.”

Shortly after the incident, Gomaa stayed resilient.

“If Ali Gomaa dies there are millions who will take his place,” Gomaa told state television shortly after news of the attempt was made public. “I gave my sermon right after my survival.”