Kuwait joins world in decrying JASTA, says ‘it is source of extreme worry’

Sudan has also warned of the legal risks that JASTA poses for the sovereignty of nations

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Kuwait on Wednesday has joined other states in denouncing the Justice against the sponsors of terrorism act (JASTA), which poses for the sovereignty of nations if it were to be implemented, the country’s official news agency (KUNA) reported.

Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Sheikh Mohammed Al-mubarak Al-sabah said Kuwait monitors with “much interest and concern the Congress rejection of US President Barack Obama veto against JASTA.”


He said JASTA is “a source of extreme worry to the international community,” threatening “rules of relations among states which have been established by the laws that are based on principles of equality and sovereignty.”

Before him, Sudan’s President Omar Hassan al-Bashir has also warned on Monday the legal risks if JASTA is implemented.

In a statement issued by the Sudanese president on JASTA – that was approved by the US Congress recently – al-Bashir cautioned US legislators against proceeding with the law which will allow victims of terrorist acts to sue countries that are allegedly linked to these attacks.

“The law violates state sovereignty and immunity and could lead to a global legislative chaos,” Bashir said.

The statement also added that Sudan declines to accept the overriding of President Barack Obama’s veto on JASTA by Congress, saying that as a sovereign country, the US should respect the laws and immunity of sovereign states.

Meanwhile, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reiterated his stance on JASTA after he condemned the US Congress vote earlier this week, saying he expected the move to be reversed as soon as possible.

Relations between Ankara and Riyadh have tightened considerably in the past months as they pursue joint interests in Syria. Erdogan had just the day earlier hosted Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef for talks at his palace.

“The allowing by the US Congress of lawsuits to be opened against Saudi Arabia over the 9/11 attacks is unfortunate,” Erdogan said in a speech for the opening of parliament.

“It’s against the principle of individual criminal responsibility for crimes. We expect this false step to be reversed as soon as possible,” he added.

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