Houthis launch failed ballistic missile into Aden

The incident is being considered a first for militias attempting to fire a missile into pro-government Aden

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Houthi militias failed to successfully launch a ballistic missile into the Yemeni city of Aden from Damt, sources confirmed to Al Arabiya from Dhale Governorate.

Eye witnesses said they saw the failed ballistic missile fall near Naqeel al-Shim area east of Qatabah city where it exploded without causing any causalities.

The incident is being considered a first for Houthi militias and forces loyal to former ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh in attempting to fire a missile into Aden.

Separately, Yemeni army and Popular Resistance Forces repelled an attack by Houthi militias in the directorate of Nahm, Sanaa governorate.

A spokesman of the resistance in Sanaa Abdullah Al-Shandaqi said that the army and the Popular Resistance were able to stop the attack and conduct a counterattack, supported by the coalition air force.

The battle resulted in the death of 18 and scores of wounded on the militias side and the death of four on the popular resistance’s side.

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