SAUDI: $2mln reward for capture of terror suspects

The financial rewards range from SR 1,000,000 to SR 7,000,000.

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The Saudi Interior Ministry revealed Sunday it will pay a $2mln reward for information leading to the capture of nine named terror suspects.

Security spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Interior said in a statement: “In the framework of the current investigations in a number of terrorist cases that occurred during the last period in Qatif Governorate and Dammam City, namely the targeting of citizens, expatriates and security officials, the sabotaging of public utilities as well as security and economic installations, in addition to the disrupting of public life; these investigations - supported by the results of criminal laboratory tests - have shown that a number of dangerous individuals are involved in these cases.”

The suspects were named in the statement as:

1- Jaafar bin Hassan Makki Al-Mubaireek - Saudi national
2- Fadel Abdullah Mohammed Al Hamada - Saudi national
3- Ali Bilal Saud Al-Hamad - Saudi national
4- Mohammed bin Hussein Ali Al Ammar - Saudi national
5- Maitham bin Ali Mohammed Al-Qudaihi - Saudi national
6- Mufeed Hamza bin Ali Al-Alwan - Saudi national
7- Majid bin Ali Abdulrahim Al-Faraj - Saudi national
8- Hassan Mahmoud Ali Abdullah - Bahraini national
9- Ayman Ibrahim Hasan Al-Mukhtar - Saudi national

The Ministry urged the named individuals to turn themselves in to security authorities, and warned “whoever deals with them that he will make himself accountable.”

The Ministry of Interior added “whoever reports any information about those individuals that leads to their arrest will receive a financial reward of SR 1,000,000. This reward will be increased to SR 5,000,000 if the information leads to the arrest of more than one wanted individual and to SR 7,000,000 if the information leads to thwarting a terrorist operation.”