Saudi forces eliminate Houthi snipers on border

Coalition aircraft also destroyed two boats belonging to the Houthis that had set off from the Mocha port toward international waters

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Saudi Arabian forces have targeted and killed several Houthi snipers who were positioned inside the Yemeni borders facing al-Doud Mountain.

The Al-Mwasim region remained relatively calm since last night as the Apache helicopters and Saudi artillery were able to repulse in the afternoon an attack led by Houthi militias and Republican Guards as they were trying to reach Saudi borders. They were targeted and dozens were killed in the operation.

The Coalition aircraft also destroyed two boats belonging to the Houthis. The boats had set off from the Mocha port in Yemen toward international waters, threatening marine navigation.

According to the Coalition, verification was done on the information regarding the existence of two Houthi surveillance boats equipped with radars and a 12.7 caliber machine gun in front of the Mocha coast. The two boats were spotted and targeted on Wednesday by the Apache helicopter; a thermal missile was launched from the boats.

Meanwhile, it has also been revealed that the Houthi militias on Wednesday performed the funeral of one of their important leaders, Brigadier General Mohammed Abdul Rahman al-Khalid, commander of the Second Brigade of the border guards affiliated to the rebels.

Khalid was meeting with a number of field and military leaders of the Houthi and Saleh militias in the Zaidiyyah security department building when the Coalition aircraft targeted the building.

The Saudi border region of al-Khubah also witnessed violent clashes on Thursday during which Saudi artillery was able to destroy two military vehicles belonging to the Republican Guard. The two vehicles were carrying dozens of fighters, owing allegiance to ousted leader Ali Abdullah Saleh, who were trying to move toward the Saudi border. The border forces and the Saudi artillery in the region managed to eliminate them.

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