Coalition targets Houthi posts in Saada, 22 killed

Military sources say nephew of prominent Houthi leader killed in the coalition’s shelling of a cave in Saada

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Military sources in the Saudi-led coalition told Al-Arabiya that 22 members of the Revolutionary Guards were killed when the coalition targeted one of their caves in Saada. Sources said on Thursday that Moeen al-Harbi, Chief of the Baqim Directorate was also killed in the coalition’s shelling of a cave in Saada. Harbi is the nephew of Abdulmalik al-Houthi, leader of the Houthi militias.

Houthi commander of the Rabuah front Ali Hussein al-Gheili was injured by shrapnel and suffered from serious bleeding and completely fainted, they added. Meanwhile, the city of Taiz is still suffering from the Houthi siege. Houthi militias and forces loyal to deposed president Ali Abdullah Saleh shelled the city’s residents on Thursday evening.

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Sources inside Taiz told Al-Arabiya that the militias randomly and violently shelled residential neighborhoods, particularly Al-Tahrir street in the city’s downtown, using Katyusha rockets. According to local sources, dozens were killed and injured after shelling the popular market of Softil. Militias attacked the market from their posts near the international airport of Taiz in Al-Jund suburb, east of the city.

Violent battles were ongoing east of Taiz on Thursday particularly around the republican palace which is besieged by the national army and the resistance. Legitimate forces have intensified their shelling against Houthi snipers near the palace and covered the forces’ advance towards al-Silal hill.

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The national army regained control over the neighborhood of Bazerea after fierce battles and advanced in al-Aqroud front, south east of Taiz towards the city of Khadeer. Army forces continue to advance towards militias’ posts on the al-Salo and Hayfan fronts.

Meanwhile, the front of Midi in the Hajjah governorate witnessed fierce battle on Thursday as dozens of the militia members were killed and injured. Among those killed is Houthi commander Mohammed Ismail al-Bokaili. The coalition’s shelling also destroyed many of the militias’ military munitions.

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