Houthi attack on Makkah to be referred to UN

The Iranian government declined an official invitation to participate in the OIC emergency meeting.

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Foreign ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Member States have agreed to refer the case of Houthis’ attack against holy sites in Mecca to the United Nations.

During an emergency meeting held in Mecca, fifty-one representatives of Islamic states have decided to address a letter to the United Nations on behalf of OIC’s executive committee.

They pointed out in their final statement, which was issued the day after the emergency meeting, held in Mecca, pursuant to the recommendation of the Executive Committee of holding an emergency meeting, at the ministerial level, to discuss the launch of a militia al-Huthi a ballistic missile toward Makkah.


The meeting condemned vicious attack by the al-Huthi and Saleh militiamen, who fired "ballistic missile towards the direction of Muslims and cradle of revelation on Thursday evening, 27th of October 2016."

The Arab coalition said in an earlier statement that the missile was downed 65 km from Mecca, with coalition jet fighters destroying the rocket launchers in Saada.

The Iranian government declined on Wednesday an official invitation to participate in the OIC emergency meeting (DETAILS HERE).

The meeting decided to adopt a statement issued by the Executive Committee meeting at the ministerial level held at the OIC headquarters in Jeddah on November 5, 2016, which called member states for a collective stance against this vicious attack, and those who stand behind it and consider those support the perpetrators by providing weapons to them, as a partner of a firm in the assault on the sanctities of the world Islamic and laying sectarian rift and essential support for terrorism.

The meeting recommended the formation of a working group of members of the Executive Committee to consider taking practical steps, quickly to ensure non-recurrence of such heinous attacks as well as to send a message from the Executive Committee, on behalf of member states of the organization, to ask the United Nations to take the necessary international procedures to ensure the non-recurrence of such outrageous attacks on Mecca, and the rest of the Islamic holy land.

In remarks during the meeting, Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Nizar Madani condemned last month’s attempted missile attack on the holy city.

“All Muslims must take a clear and strict stance against this attack to prevent Houthis from being encouraged to repeat this attempt,”he said.

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