Aleppo under fire as UN talks continue to fail

The UN General Assembly initiated talks about a draft resolution to end the fighting amid frustration emerging from the crisis

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The eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo are witnessing a tragic situation in light of the vicious siege and non-stop bombardment. In the meantime, the international platforms are deploying all possible efforts but none have led to any result so far.

On Friday, the United Nations General Assembly initiated talks about a draft resolution to end the fighting in Syria amid the frustration emerging from the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo. In the same context, there are American and Russian talks that are aimed at finding a solution to the crisis.

The United Nations General Assembly began talks on Friday on a draft resolution presented by Canada that demands to end the fighting in Syria amid frustration of some states and rights groups over UN Security Council deadlock on the nearly six-year conflict.


The draft resolution expressed the outrage at the escalation of violence in Syria, particularly in Aleppo. It demanded aid access, an end to indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks and an end to sieges in Aleppo.

For his part, Special Envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, said on Friday evening from Rome that he will travel on Saturday to New York to discuss the situation of Aleppo with the Secretary-General.

De Mistura said in the press conference from Rome that he will meet with the Secretary General of the United Nations to discuss the steps to be taken regarding the needed policies and check the facts regarding the military situation in Syria.

He added: “We’ll follow his advice. I am not now in a position that allows me to talk about the developments of the situation before going to New York, but what is very important now, is to take quick actions regarding Aleppo. The situation there is really tragic, as more than 40000 are trapped and need help.”

‘God knows’

Al-Arabiya correspondent said that when asked if the solution in Syria is still far-fetched or if it is approaching, the UN envoy said “God knows”.

At the same time, there are negotiations taking place in Ankara between the representatives of the factions fighting in Aleppo and Russia in order to reach a settlement in Aleppo. The President of the Syrian opposition delegation, Brigadier Assaad Awad al-Zouobi revealed that these talks are taking place with Russia under Turkey’s auspices on the situation in Aleppo.

Zouobi pointed out that the northern front factions asked for the protection of civilians in Aleppo as well as evacuating the wounded from the city through safe corridors, not as it happened before.

However, Russia seems to insist that 900 fighters from “JAFSH” has to get out of the city but the opposition said that this number is way too high, adding that they cannot distinguish between a fighter and another in Aleppo, especially after combining all the militants under the name of Aleppo Army.

Zouobi said that they are unlikely to reach any agreement between militant factions and Russia.

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