Clashes between rival militias renew in Libya's Tripoli

Libyan forces fighter affiliated with the Tripoli government searches for sniper positions from a hole in a building on the frontline in Sirte, Libya, Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2016. (AP)

Violent clashes have renewed in the Libyan capital of Tripoli between rival militias as they aim to control more areas.

These clashes are viewed as a setback to Libya’s UN-backed government of national accord which arrived in March to the capital upon the approval of some of the strongest armed factions.

The scene of burnt cars, explosives and destroyed buildings has become common in Tripoli as clashes have intensified between armed factions for more than two weeks now.

These street battles using heavy weapons worry Tripoli's residents. Meanwhile, cement and sand barriers across the city's neighborhoods hint the battles will prolong.

Clashes renewed due to disputes on controlling territories between militias from Tripoli and other extremist militias that are originally from Misrata.

Civilians and fighters have been killed as a result. According to medics, it's been difficult to transfer them to hospitals due to the heavy gunfire.

As political parties continue to exchange accusations regarding the delay in forming a cabinet to save the country, residents fear another round of clashes amid reports that some brigades are mobilizing their forces on the neighborhoods' entrances.

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