UN votes in favor of an immediate Syria ceasefire

The voting on the resolution drafted by Canada resulted in 122 member states voting in favor of an an immediate ceasefire

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The UN General Assembly has voted in favor of an an immediate ceasefire in Syria and access for humanitarian aid during a session on Friday.

The voting came after many speeches from key players in the Syrian conflict with 122 members voting in favor of the resolution, 13 against while 36 members abstained from voting either way.

Canada had drafted the text as part of the 193-nation assembly’s attempt to break the deadlock over Syria at the Security Council.

Speaking from New York, Al Arabiya's Talal Al-Haj said that the General Assembly resolution expected the resolution to pass but reported that it would likely not make much difference on actions on the ground.

"it is worth noting that the resolution will have little to no effect unless the Security Council can act as today's resolution is non-binding," he added.

Russia and China this week vetoed a draft Security Council resolution calling for a seven-day cease-fire in Aleppo, the Syrian city that is on the verge of falling to government forces.

It was the sixth time that Moscow, a close ally of Syrian President Bashar Assad, has used its veto in the council to block action over Syria.

The General Assembly is expected to adopt nonbinding text that demands a “complete end to all attacks on civilians” and the lifting of all sieges.

“Sadly, I suspect it will be too little too late,” British Ambassador Matthew Rycroft told AFP news agency.

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