Saudi Arabia: UN plan won’t help Syria suffering

Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the UN said that the draft resolution prepared by Canada does not match the level of the Syrian people’s suffering

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Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the UN, Abdallah al-Mouallimi, announced during the meeting of the General Assembly on the humanitarian situation in Aleppo, that the draft resolution prepared by Canada does not match the level of the Syrian people’s suffering.

Mouallimi asked to hold an emergency session on peace and security in Aleppo. He confirmed that his country’s delegation agreed on the decision despite having some reservations on it.

“Saudi Arabia has voted for the ceasefire in Syria, but the final outcome of the Canadian resolution is not a proper solution for the Syrian people who are suffering in Syria... We need an exceptional emergency session of the General Assembly tackling the security and peace.” he said.

Mouallimi added: “We will avoid the disagreements and weaknesses in the Canadian draft resolution. We should address the crimes that are taking place in Syria.”

The United Nations General Assembly adopted the Canadian draft resolution about Syria on Friday evening, with a majority of 122 votes. The representative of the Syrian regime tried to hinder the voting process.

Thirteen countries rejected the UN resolution calling for an immediate cessation of hostilities in Syria and allowing the entrance of aid, while 36 countries abstained from voting.

The UN envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura, attended a closed-door meeting at the Security Council on Thursday before the upcoming talks in Geneva on Saturday between the United States and Russia about a possible agreement that would allow the exit of civilians and wounded opposition fighters from Aleppo.

The draft resolution calls for an immediate cease-fire in Syria and allowing humanitarian convoys to enter the city.

The draft resolution drafted by Canada is a non-binding resolution that calls to stop all attacks against civilians and lift the siege on all cities.

It is worth mentioning that Russia and China have already used their veto right on the UN Security Council resolution calling for a 7 days cease-fire in Aleppo.

It was the sixth time that Russia uses the veto on a resolution about Syria since the eruption of the war in March 2011. Russia has already stated that the Canadian resolution will not have any impact on the ground.

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