Netanyahu wants to discuss Iran deal options with Trump

Netanyahu gave no details on what he will be proposing when he meets with US President-elect

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to discuss with US President-elect Donald Trump ways to get rid of the Iran nuclear deal, he said in an interview to be broadcast Sunday. “I think what options we have are much more than you think. Many more,” Netanyahu said in the interview with CBS’s “60 minutes.”

Netanyahu gave no details on what he will be proposing when he meets with Trump, but minimized the downside of Washington backing out of an accord that includes other world powers, including its European allies.

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“There are ways, various ways of undoing it,” he said. “I have about five things in my mind.” Netanyahu has been an ardent opponent of the 2015 agreement, which places curbs on Tehran’s nuclear program in exchange for relief from US and other international sanctions.

He alienated the administration of outgoing President Barack Obama by denouncing it in an address to a joint meeting of the US Congress. Trump has criticized the nuclear agreement as a “disastrous deal,” but has stopped short of saying he would rip it up, instead suggesting he would renegotiate or dismantle it.

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His pick for defense secretary, retired general James Mattis, considered a hawk on Iran, has advocated working closely with allies to enforce its terms.

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