Corruption at all time high among Houthi leaders

A prominent Houthi leader has launched a scathing attack on its leaders even calling for their departure

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A prominent Houthi leader has launched a scathing attack on its leaders even informing militia commander Abdul Malik al-Houthi that he would be the first to come out and call for his departure.

Leader and academic at the University of Sanaa, Abdul-Salam al-Kibsi, stunned his fellow Houthis when he turned his back on the militia. In his recent Facebook post he said: “A great intellectual like me, known at the level of the Arab world, will be the first to say to Abdul Malik al-Houthi, get out.”

He also criticized the minister of education in the militia government, Yahya Badr Eddin al-Houthi, who is the brother of the rebel leader. He mocked him, saying: “Does Yahya even know to hold the office of education? Are we going to replace the ruin of ISIS with the corruption of Ansar Allah, dammit!”

In another statement, he noted: “I will write to future generations to not be fooled by slogans, and to be with the truthful, I think Ansar Allah lied and broke promises. We were one of them and they were one of us but they demolished the thinkers and scholars and became ignorant. They used us but God is powerful.”

Al-Kibsi is not an exception when it comes to criticism of the militia. Abdul Wahab Qutran recently attacked the rebels after being known as a supporter for a long time. He appeared on almost every program and news bulletins on the Houthi-owned Channel Al Masira. His social media pages are now swamped with attacks against the Houthis. They expose their malpractices and the corruption of their leaders.

Qutran recently lashed out at the militia and said: “They want to rule the present and the future with the mindset and the methods of the past when reason suggests that we must devote our resources to fit today and tomorrow’s reality, socially, economically and politically.”

The corrupt practices

Well-known Houthi leader, Mohammed Makaleh, who was a board member of the so-called Supreme Revolutionary Committee, has continued provoking the group despite the threats he said he recently received from Abdul Karim al-Houthi (uncle of the rebel leader) for exposing corrupt practices and revealing that Abdul Karim al-Huthi is the one ruling Sanaa.

In his latest comments on the situation Makaleh wrote: “hidden power only satisfies opportunists and thieves. Honest men don’t derive power to find a job or a position. They would rather beg than turn into tricksters. Many of those you see in the front of the political scene are nothing but hypocrites.”

He also commented on the harassment that he is facing by the group. “Shame on you for punishing those who stood by your side during the reign of the former regime, only to find themselves witch hunted for writing and criticizing your government,” he said.

Repudiating crimes

Former leader Ali Bukhaiti was the first to repudiate the crimes committed by militias. He took a stand against its leaders. Bukhaiti was a member of the political council of the Houthis and the official spokesman in the national dialogue conference.

However, after the rebels invaded Sanaa and committed unprecedented crimes and violations, challenging the legitimacy of the government, he announced his resignation from all his posts and his membership in the movement. He left the country to take the militias on and expose their crimes and corruption.

Commenting on the celebrations held by the militia yesterday on the occasion of Prophet Mohammad’s birth, Bukhaiti wrote: “All the expenses financed by the Houthis celebrating the anniversary of the birth of the Prophet (peace be upon him) is ill-gotten. The equipment is looted from Suhail TV channel and others, mandatory donations, royalties, in-kind materials taken from merchants under intimidation. If they refused to donate, they would accuse them of being an ISIS supporter.”

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