Russia, Iran & Turkey reach Syria peace deal

UN to monitor the ongoing evacuation of thousands of people from east Aleppo

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Tuesday at a joint news conference that Russia, Iran and Turkey will help reach a peace agreement between Syrian president Bashar Assad and the opposition.

Lavrov said Russia, Iran and Turkey need to fight terrorism in Syria, not regime change.

He disclosed that a declaration will be announced today under the approval of Syria, Turkey and Iran.

Lavrov added that Russia, Iran and Turkey are ready to support Syria peace talks, and that the evacuation from Syria's Aleppo should end within a couple of days.

During the news conference, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that support should be halted for all groups from abroad who go to Syria, saying it was wrong to only point the figure at one side.

He also said Turkey's military operation to push ISIS from the Syrian border was continuing around the town of al-Bab and it did not have a secret agenda.

UN to monitor Aleppo evacuation

The Syrian government has authorized the United Nations to send an additional 20 staff to east Aleppo, where they will monitor the ongoing evacuation of thousands of people, a UN spokesman said on Tuesday.

"The task is to monitor and observe the evacuations," Jens Laerke told a news briefing in Geneva

"We do not have independent UN access to the buses, so we are not able to enter and access people; that does not take away from the protection concerns that we do have and continue to have," he added.

Some 750 people have been evacuated from the two besieged Syrian villages of Foua and Kefraya so far, where 20 buses headed to early on Tuesday morning, Laerke added.

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