Blame game continues at Geneva talks between opposition and regime

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After the regime’s delegation agreed to discuss the constitution and the possibility of a political transition, optimism only lasted for a few hours before fading away in a wave of accusations between the two parties in Geneva.

The last of which was the regime’s critique of the opposition’s delegation, accusing them of sabotaging the negotiations by refusing to include the subject of terrorism on the agenda.


Salim al-Mosalat, a spokesperson for the High Authority for the negotiations, stated that: “The Syrian people have been fighting terrorism for the past 6 years. This is a flimsy excuse used by the regime’s delegation to stall, but the key points that have been accepted by the delegation of the Supreme Commission for the negotiations are to examine the political transition points handed over by Mr. de Mistura.”

The Russian delegation manifested an amity with the regime’s delegation by questioning the ability of the Syrian opposition to dialogue, the opposition responded by saying that Moscow had shifted its position.

Despite the fact that the Geneva talks have changed its course , the opposition consider the peace talks fruitful especially after de Mistura put the political transition file for discussion.

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