Mosul: ISIS battles fiercely as Iraqi forces push forward

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The joint Iraqi forces continued their progress on Friday in the western part of the city of Mosul. An official statement emphasized that the forces are 150 meters away from the main entrance of the governmental compound.

The statement highlighted that the fifth and sixth Armored Division as well as the task squad are finishing up their logistical and combat formation in preparation for the battles, with the assistance of the federal police to bomb the locations of ISIS militants.

ISIS using car bombs

Furthermore, a security source at Nineveh said on Friday, that they have foiled an ISIS attack on security troops. The source told Al Arabiya that the security forces were able to destroy five wheel bombs used by the organization in the assault on the security troops west of Mosul. The security forces continue their advancement in the right coast of Mosul for the emancipation of the old city.

ISIS relentlessly fighting as operations continue

For his part, Major General Maan al-Saadi confirmed to Al Arabiya “that the operations to liberate the western side are ongoing. He pointed out that the security forces are actively storming neighborhoods in the western side of the city.”

As for the ferocity of the battles, al-Saadi told Al Arabiya that ISIS is fighting brutally, yet most fighters located in Mosul are foreigners to the country and do not know any escape roots so they have accepted that sooner or later they will meet their fates.

The Iraqi Government along with the coalition forces have waged on the 17th of October an all scale war to free the city of Mosul from the grips of ISIS. After three months of fighting, they have managed to free the left coast, and a large section of the right coast.