Outrage in Egypt after man rapes 20-month old baby girl

Shounaz Meky

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A 35-year old man has admitted that he kidnapped and raped a 20-month old baby girl by laying her down and opening her diaper, in a crime that has left many Egyptians in shock this week.

The girl’s life was saved after suffering severe damages to her private genital parts and huge blood loss as a result from the attack, local media reported.

The rapist confessed to his crime saying that he kidnapped the girl after seeing her on the home’s balcony shortly after Friday prayers. He admitted taking her into an empty room, then removed her diaper before “raping her with his fingers,” leaving the victim in a pool of her own blood.

The victim’s mother filed a complained against the rapist, saying that, “until now, she cannot believe what has happened to her daughter.”

“My daughter can’t utter the words mama and papa yet, and all of this has happened to her. My heart is burning and there’s nothing I can do for her,” the mother said.

“Execution is not even enough,” said the victim’s grandfather. “I don’t know how a 35-year-old person can do this to a child who is a year and 8 months old, who cannot even speak yet and still wears diapers.”

Egypt's prosecution have ordered a four-day detention for the rapist pending further investigation into the case.

A psychiatrist commenting on the incident said the confessions of the rapist reveal that he suffers a mental disorder.

The incident, which occurred in a village at Egypt’s Al-Daqahliyah Governorate, shocked Egyptian society, with social media users demanding nothing less than an execution for the rapist.

It was reported that an unknown assailant attempted to set the rapist’s home ablaze, but firefighters managed to put the fire out.