Show of power? Hezbollah units raid drug warehouses in Beirut

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Masked and armed Hezbollah units reportedly raided a number of drug warehouses in Beirut’s southern suburb, according to photos which circulated on social media platforms on Friday evening.

The move is unprecedented as this is the first time Hezbollah units deploy as such when there are no organized celebrations.

The party’s “social security branch” acted alone without the help of security forces and reportedly raided drug warehouses and targeted drug users in the area of Burj al-Barajneh in the capital’s southern suburb.

Some local sources in Beirut said the raid targeted gangs and drug dealers whom security forces could not arrest.

Meanwhile, Burj al-Barajneh’s head of municipality told local media outlets that “the situation is under control,” adding that the raids were carried out in coordination with security forces.

Hezbollah’s Member of Parliament Ali Ammar said on Saturday that “this display of power,” as some activists described Hezbollah’s action, was a “spontaneous practice” which Hezbollah members carried out with coordinating with the command.

Ammar’s statements contradict with Hezbollah’s usual claims which often brag about how disciplined its members are.

Meanwhile, Lebanese security forces are still working to arrest dealers of Captagon pills, which are being smuggled into Gulf countries. However, according to several security sources, their efforts are faltering because these drug dealers enjoy Hezbollah’s security cover.