Brother of Alexandria bombing suspect reveals new surprises

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After information leaked that the suspect of the bombing of Alexandria, nicknamed Abu Al Bara Al Masri is in fact the suicidal Ashraf Jabber Abu Naama from the village of Abu Tabel, Kafr El Sheikh - Mohamed Jabber, the brother of the accused revealed new information to Al Arabiya.

Mohammed said that the pictures circulating of the bomber of the Church of St. Mark are not of his brother; his brother Ashraf is short and chubby and has lived in Syria for four years; he works as a baker there and the extremist organization took his passport and prevented him from traveling.

He added that the Egyptian security services did not investigate with them or get samples to analyze them and compare with the remains of the suicide bomber. He confirmed that his brother joined the terrorist organizations under former president Mohamed Morsi.

He traveled to Lebanon to work there for a year. He returned to the village and bought a cab. He has three children, Rajab the eldest son aged 10, Amina aged 7, and Bara aged 4. The children live in the village with their mother, grandmother and their four uncles.

He said that Ashraf and his family had drifted apart. Al Arabiya later learned that he had traveled to Lebanon and Turkey and that his financial situation improved. He confirmed that he used to pray and frequent meetings of extremist and Salafist groups who provided him with jobs opportunity and helped him travel abroad.

Ashraf called his family every now and then to check on his children. Ashraf told his family that he was living in a nightmare and wanted to return to the embrace of his homeland, but he feared he would be arrested by the security services.

The brother of the suspect said his brother never traveled to Kuwait and did not work as an accountant as it was reported by a Kuwaiti newspaper. He works as a baker, adding that his brother expressed remorse for joining the terrorist group confirming that he did not detonate the church in Alexandria.

He highlighted that his village is the hometown of two extremists who traveled to Syria and joined ISIS; furthermore, they passed away there and their families have been notified. He said his brother was innocent of the church bombing; he was unable to travel and return to Egypt because he had no passport with him and had been in contact with them two days before the incident to check on his family.

The Kuwaiti newspaper “Al Qabas” reported on Tuesday quoting Kuwaiti security sources that the main suspect in the Alexandria bombing entered Kuwait in October 2016 with a work permit on one of the general trade and contracting companies and worked as an accountant. The state security agency summoned him on the basis of information received from its Egyptian counterpart.

The newspaper explained that the suspect underwent extensive investigations about his relationship with ISIS, and after ascertaining his involvement, the decision was made to extradite him, to be handed over to the Egyptian authorities, which later released him despite the evidence against him, according to the newspaper.