Iraqi forces seize valuable documents belonging to ISIS

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The Iraqi counterterror forces revealed on Friday that it found documents and photos of ISIS members, in addition to electronic devices used in their electronic war, at one of the organization’s headquarters in the Sohha neighborhood in western Mosul.

Major General Maan al-Saadi told Al Arabiya that during an anti-terror operation, the Iraqi forces came under intense fire but they quickly controlled the situation. Iraqi forces broke into a house to find that it is an ISIS headquarters containing valuable information about the locations and names of terrorist members and leaders.

Saadi added that ISIS had electronic devices and computers, as well as maps and books to learn how to fire guided missiles, but the books were written in Russian.

They also found magazines and CDs used by the organization in its media war with Iraqi forces. ISIS have used high technical capabilities to carry out attacks and recruit elements through social media.

The organization has managed to recruit many foreign elements via technology and communication tools.

Saadi added, “ISIS labels its electronic war as electronic jihad. The Mufti of the organization issued a fatwa claiming that hackers and piracy is considered as legitimate jihad.”

ISIS had launched its electronic magazine “Kybernetik” designed to teach its members how to participate in the cyber war against the West while avoiding online surveillance by the authorities in any country.

The first edition of the magazine was published in German and was uploaded on the official website of the organization.