Bahrain condemns Syrian ambassador’s interference in Lebanon

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bahrain strongly condemned the statements made by the Syrian regime’s ambassador in Lebanon, saying that it represents an unacceptable interference in the internal affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain and reflects a clear denial of the facts of the matter, according to Al Arabiya TV report on Saturday.

The Syrian ambassador, in an interview on “Al Lo’lo’a” channel which backed by Iran, said that Bahrain is trying to increase sectarian conflicts.

The ambassador said: “I believe that the state has indulged itself and the region in splits and conflicts with no reason.”

In this way, Iran spoke about the Bahraini authorities, through the Ambassador of the Assad regime in Beirut, Ali Abdulkarim, which is a new intervention, that shows the Iranian games, and the evidence is the way the presenter of the program presented the interview on the Iranian-sponsored “Al Lo’lo’a” channel.

“The words of the Syrian ambassador in Lebanon, which is going to be presented today at 5:30 Bahrain time, come as part of a series of special interviews broadcast by “Al Lo’lo’a” channel with a number of Arab personalities, prior the trial of the Shiite presence on May 7,” the presenter said.

The presenter here is penetrating to prove that the Assad regime’s ambassador is speaking on behalf of Tehran. On May 7, the Bahraini judiciary will pronounce its verdict on the trial of ‘Issa’ Qassim, the one who represents Shia in Bahrain, who was previously stripped of his nationality, and charged of provoking sedition and sectarian division in the country by incitement from Tehran, cover funds to support terrorist operations in Bahrain and neighboring countries.

The Supreme Leader of the Iranian Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei declared earlier that the dismissal of Qassim means that people would rebel against the country, calling on the Bahraini youth to provoke riots, confront security and not to remain silent in case anything wrong happened to Qassim.

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