Muslim Brotherhood willing to scrap demand for Mursi’s return

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A document issued by Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has appeared to show that the group is willing to forsake the return of deposed President Mohammed Mursi, a cause they had long been loyal to, and seeks to align with Egyptian political forces.

The memo, which was drafted by a group affiliated to former Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Kamal, who was killed in clashes with police in 2016.

Acting Muslim Brotherhood leader Mahmoud Ezzat, who is currently a fugitive outside Egypt, published the document which has reportedly been unanimously approved by the group to seek an alliance with political forces.

According to the memo, the Brotherhood seeks to break the state of political isolation imposed on it and to dispel fears about the group as well as regain trust and improve their image.

The memo also wishes that the group establishes a presence within Egypt’s political landscape and push back the state’s classification of the Brotherhood as a terrorist entity.

Former Brotherhood leader Islam Ketatni told Al Arabiya.net that the document was released at this time because the group has been weakened both regionally and globally after being blacklisted.

He said that Hamas and branches of the Muslim Brotherhood in Tunisia and Morocco are no longer affiliated with Egypt’s main group.

He added that they must abandon their earlier demands and be flexible enough to be accepted into the political scene.

But he said that the fate of this document is expected to be similar to previous memos issued by the group, as the third and fourth generation of Brotherhood members “would not accept it.”