Experts evaluate Hezbollah’s withdrawal from Lebanon’s eastern borders

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Military experts are coming up with theories after the announcement of Hezbollah militias that they will dismantle their units on the borders of eastern Lebanon with Syria.

Experts believe that Hezbollah forces are re-positioning inside Syria again, especially after the agreement of the "four towns" in which the residents of the towns of Zabadani and Madaya were abandoned.

The announcement of the Hezbollah militia does not mean withdrawing from its participation in the Syrian war or their return to Lebanon.

The experts stressed that the dismantling of the forces on the eastern border was expected after the agreement of the "four towns", which gave the command over the whole of the eastern sector in Syria to the Syrian regime and its allies.

This announcement comes after the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, called on the Lebanese Government and the Lebanese Army to take the necessary measures to prevent Hezbollah from acquiring weapons and building paramilitary capabilities.

Hezbollah paid a heavy price for its involvement in the Syrian war, in terms of the increase in the number of its causalities in Syria, including that of prominent leaders, as well as the depletion of its financial and military capabilities.