Who are the Egyptians on the terror blacklist issued by Arab powers?

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The names of Egyptians with terrorist links to Qatar, that were part of a blacklist drawn up by Arab powers last week, have been revealed by Al Arabiya on Tuesday.

The list of Qatar-linked terrorists issued by Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain had collectively designated 59 individuals and 12 institution that have financed terrorist organization and received support from Qatar.

Here are the Egyptians, among a total of 26, involved in acts of terrorism:

1. Ahmed Ragab Ragab Soliman

Number 50 on the list.

One of the most dangerous terrorists belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood. He has been sentenced to death im various cases involving espionage, smuggling and breaking into Wadi el-Natrun prison.

He has a prominent role in many terrorist operations done by the Muslim Brotherhood’s terrorist cells. Ahmed was involved in cases related to theft, murder and terrorism. He has been sentenced to death.

2. Mohamed Hamada el-Sayed Ibrahim

Number 41 on the list.

A Muslim Brotherhood member accused of murder, violence, terrorist operations and bombings carried out for the group. He has also been sentenced to death.

He escaped Egypt after the deadly dispersal of the Rabaa and al-Nahda protest camps. He is the middle man between the leaders of the group living abroad and their terrorist cells in Egypt.

Supporters demand reinstatement of Mursi
Supporters demand reinstatement of Mursi

3. Hussein Mohamed Reza Ibrahim Youssef

Number 43 on the list.

The most active of leaders in the Muslim Brotherhood. He participated in vandalism operations following the isolation of former President Mohammed Mursi in July 2013.

He was part of the cadres that supervised the security of the Rabaa protest camp. Hussein has been sentenced to prison in multiple cases.

4. Ahmed Abdelhafif Mahmoud Abdelhady

Number 44 on the list.

One of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood involved in financing their terrorist operations after the Rabaa massacre.

He also participated in supporting terrorist cells and the Hasm group both financially and logistically. Abdelhady has been sentenced to prison.

5. Muslim Fouad Tafran

Number 45 on the list.

One of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood wanted for cases of vandalism and riots, terrorism, and incitement against army and police officials.

He is also wanted for burning buildings, killing, transferring weapons and equipping terrorist cells of the Muslim Brotherhood.

6. Karim Mohamed Mohamed Abdel Aziz

Number 51 on the list.

A member of the Muslim Brotherhood wanted for violence and murder. He was responsible of assigning tasks to the terrorist cells in the Beheira province. He has been sentenced to prison.

7. Amr Abdel Nasser Abdelhak Abdel-Barry

Number 56 on the list.

He was involved in cases of murder, arson, violence and terrorism after the dispersal of the Rabaa and Al-Nahda camps. He is also accused of inciting to kill security and military personnel. Abdel-Barry has been sentenced to prison.

8. Naji Ibrahim Ezzouli, number 53 on the list

9. Shehata Fathi Hafez Mohammed Suleiman, number 54 on the list

10. Muhammad Muharram Fahmi Abu Zeid, number 55 on the list

11. Ali Hassan Ibrahim Abdel-Zaher, number 57 on the list

They are all accused of burning police stations and churches, inciting violence and carrying out bombings, and have all sentenced to prison.

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