WATCH: Egyptian terror cell confesses to bomb plots during Eid

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Egyptian authorities busted a suspected terrorist cell on Saturday that was allegedly planning to blow up a church during Eid al-Fitr.

The arrested men confessed that their plan was for one suicide bomber to blow himself up inside a church while another blows himself up outside when people rush to save the victims.

The terrorists, which confessed to the plot in videos published by Al-Arabiya.net, said the aim of these operations was to turn the Copts against the Egyptian government, divide the society’s national fabric, incite strife and spread panic.

They added that another goal was to spoil people’s joy in the upcoming fourth anniversary of the June 30 revolution.

Meanwhile, a media official at the Egyptian interior ministry said these terrorists have been involved in violent incidents which targeted vital facilities, adding that they’ve been stationed in desert and remote areas.

“The cell was traced in an apartment in El Awayed neighborhood in Alexandria where they were planning their attacks. The apartment was raided and six, including the two bombers, were arrested,” he added.

He also identified the two bombers as Ahmad Mohammed Zeid Hassan Mahrous and Hamza Shaaban Abdulrahman Jad and the other men as Ali Hamdan Ali Hanfi Ali, Omar Mohammed Abu al-Ola Ali Ahmad, Mahmoud Ahmad Rajab Khalil Amer and Izaat Adulhalim Abdulghaffar Alsayyed Qandil.

Two suicide belts and six detonators were also seized.