UN staff in Libya freed unharmed after convoy attacked

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ISIS-linked armed militia briefly kidnapped seven UN aid workers in Libya after they attacked their car on Wednesday en route from Tunis to Tripoli by Al-Harsha district of Zawia

A security source announced that the seven abductees have been released.

Local media reported that the kidnapping was carried out by an extremist armed group loyal to ISIS organization.

The abduction was led by Shaaban Huda, known as “Abu Ubaida Zawi”, to demand the release of a number of leaders of his armed group, who were arrested a few days ago.

A security source in the city told Al Arabiya that the militias intercepted the motorcade of the mission returning from the area of Sorman in the west of the country, near Zawia on Wednesday afternoon.

They blocked the way of two vehicles of the mission and arrested those on board, revealing that among the kidnapped are a Libyan employee, a Libyan doctor, a Malaysian doctor and an immigration officer whose nationality is unknown.

Officials of the National Government Accord managed to communicate with the militias and persuade them to release the workers seven hours after they were abducted and taken to an unknown location.

The source revealed that the militias that kidnapped the international staff were linked to “Mohammed al-Khadraoui,” the leader of Al-Faruq militias.

“They have been released, and they are all in good health, on their way to the airport,” the head of the Libyan presidential guard in Tripoli, Maj. Gen. Najmi al-Naqou, told AFP.