Iraq: The US-led coalition warns of a 'new ISIS'

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The US-led international coalition has warned of the emergence of a “new ISIS” in Iraq.

The warning noted that if the Iraqi government does not change its dealings with the Sunni sector, the war against ISIS organization will not be over yet despite the announcement of the victory in Mosul, reported Al Arabiya.

The commander of the international coalition forces, General Stephen J. Townsend called on the Iraqi government to change its approach to prevent the emergence of ISIS once again, stressing the need for the government to communicate with the Sunni elements and reconcile with it.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi announced on Sunday the achievement of a “great victory” in the liberated city of Mosul, according to his media office, following nine months of operations restore Iraq’s second largest city.

The office issued a statement confirming that Abadi reached the liberated city of Mosul, and blessed the heroic fighters and the Iraqi people for achieving this great victory.

The US-led coalition countries will begin their meetings today in Washington for three days to discuss ways to guarantee the triumphs of the war against the ISIS organization.

The meetings will also discuss, according to the US State Department, ways to escalate the campaign on different levels.

This article is also available in Arabic.

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