After Mosul, the next battle is for Tal Afar

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Discussions revolve around the future Iraqi government after it announced victory over ISIS in Mosul, while sources say that the next battle will be in Tal Afar and its surroundings.

Due to the city’s complex population structure, Iraqi PM Haider Abadi will task joint forces to break into the city. Counterterrorism fighters, amid leaks of the involvement of 5,000 from the Abbas brigade militia, will lead the joint force.

The participation of the militia, according to parliamentary sources, is in response to the desire of the religious authority to put a moderate force in the fighting as well as resolve the dispute between the Popular Mobilization Forces and Abadi on the invasion of Tal Afar by other militias, which has long raised fears of possible violations against civilians.

Security and military sources said that the next battle, which will begin in two weeks, will be for Tal Afar and the areas of Al-Halabiya and Ayadiyah.

In the areas south of Kirkuk, Mosul and northern Salahuddin, Special Forces will clamp down on extremists and limit their movements during the start of the battle for Tal Afar.

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