Jerusalem: Al-Aqsa Mosque Imam injured in clashes

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14 Palestinians were wounded in clashes between worshipers and the Israeli forces after the evening prayers in Bab al-Asbat gate on Tuesday.

One is reportedly in a serious condition. Al-Aqsa imam and Supreme Muslim Council Head Sheikh Ekrima Sabri was also injured in a stampede during the clashes where rubber bullets and sound bombs were used, reported Al Arabiya.

Due to the clashes, a state of alert is declared in the areas surrounding Al-Aqsa mosque.

As the Palestinians escalated their rejection of the security measures imposed by the Israeli forces in the holy mosque, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Sheikh Akrama Sabri called for a public protest for the Al-Aqsa Mosque coming Friday.

A hospital official said one man had suffered a serious head wound from a rubber bullet fired from close range but an Israeli police spokesman denied that rubber bullets had been used.

Tensions have increased around the compound, which is holy to Muslims and Jews, since three Arab-Israeli gunmen shot dead two Israeli policemen outside the complex on Friday in one of the most serious attacks in the area in years.

The assailants were killed by security forces and Israeli authorities briefly closed the compound.

When it was reopened on Sunday, metal detectors had been installed, to the anger of Muslim religious authorities. Israeli officials said they were a permanent measure but many worshipers refused to go through them and preferred to pray outside the compound.

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