Syrian opposition council seeks unified delegation going into Geneva peace talks

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The High Negotiations Committee for the Syrian Oppostion is meeting on Monday in Riyadh, bringing together representatives from Cairo and Moscow, with the aim of leaving as a unified delegation to the upcoming Geneva peace talks.

According to an Al Arabiya correspondent in Riyadh, 15 topics will be negotiated for arriving at a final decision. Similarly, decisions on Bashar al-Assad’s circumstance will also be deliberated, since the High Committee insists on seeing him leave.

Discussions on increasing Geneva’s delegation are also expected.


Some of the participants at the meeting include Salem Al Musalat amd Riyad Naasan Agha from the Higher Committee, George Sabra, from the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, and Gamal Soliman from the Cairo delegation.

Member of the High Negotiations Committee, George Sabra, had previously expressed in conversation with Al Arabiya's Hadath on Sunday evening, that he hopes for the meeting to achieve positive results and to form an opposition delegation with a unified vision.

Meanwhile, the Syrian opposition had postponed the meeting in Riyadh for present date, Monday, due to delays in the arrival of Moscow’s delegation.

Spokesman to the High Committee, Salem al-Musallat, said that the meetings will end on the note of announcing the names of the opposition representatives at the Geneva talks.

Talks on compromise

It is expected that the representatives of the High Negotionations Committee and the Cairo and Moscow bodies will complete discussions on the political solution to the Syrian crisis, specifically the fate of the regime's president, in preparation for forming a unified opposition delegation at the upcoming Geneva talks.