11 killed in car explosion in Sadr City, ISIS claims responsibility

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A car bomb killed 11 people in a crowded vegetable market in a Shi’ite Muslim district of Baghdad on Monday, police and medics said.

The car rigged with explosives detonated in the mainly Shi’ite eastern district of Jamila, police said, as Iraqi government forces were preparing to declare victory over Islamic State more than 400 km (250 miles) further north in the city of Tal Afar.

It was not immediately clear if a suicide bomber had driven the vehicle to the target or if it was a parked car bomb, police sources said.

Medics and police sources said eight people died and 25 were wounded.

Interior Ministry spokesman Brigadier General Saad Maan said four people were killed and 12 wounded, including two policemen.

ISIS claimed car bomb kills 11 in Baghdad market

The ISIS group claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement carried by its propaganda agency Amaq.

A police officer, who asked to remain anonymous, said the explosion ripped through a market in northeastern Baghdad leaving “11 dead and 26 wounded”.

Members of the security forces were among the victims, medical sources said, confirming the toll.
Security sources said the bombing occurred near one of Baghdad's largest shopping centers at around 10:30 am (0730 GMT).

The casualties were evacuated to two hospitals in Sadr City.

The explosion damaged several stalls at the market and gutted shops in the adjoining shopping Centre, with debris, glass and vegetables strewn across the ground, an AFP reporter said.

Bulldozers were still trying to clear the area at midday, including removing two cars destroyed in the blast.
The mangled hulk of a vehicle suspected of being the car used in the attack could be seen in the area.

ISIS has claimed several bombings in Baghdad, many taking place after the jihadist group became the target of a massive assault on its Mosul bastion which Iraqi forces retook in July after nine months of fighting.

The latest bombing comes as Iraqi forces and the Hashed al-Shaabi paramilitary coalition dominated by Shiite fighters, some from Sadr City, battle IS in their last pocket in the northern province of Nineveh.

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