After the Jroud battle, Lebanon fears ‘lone wolves’

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After the battle of “Dawn of Jroud,” last week, the Lebanese army cleared the Syrian border, especially in Raas Ba'bak, al-Qaa and Aarsal. However, Lebanon continues to fear terrorist attacks that might target vital areas. This could be executed by individuals or “lone wolves”.

In a statement to Asharq al-Awsat newspaper, Lebanese General Security Director General Abbas Ibrahim said that “terrorists continues to target Lebanon despite the victory achieved on the eastern border [with Syria].” He expects a new phase of confrontations ahead.

Ibrahim said: “Terrorism in its geographical sense has receded from Lebanon after the defeat of the ISIS but that does not mean they disappeared along with their threats.”

He stressed that “one of the most important forms emerging in the terrorist operations is that these lone wolves manifested their aggression by ramming cars into innocent lives and killing people in the streets of the world.” He also warned of the danger of suicide bombers.

Timing of clashes

He pointed out that the timing of the clashes that broke out at camp Ain Al-Halwa in the city of Sidon in southern Lebanon, in conjunction with the battle of the Lebanese army in Jaroud, is not insignificant.

According to him, when the army began its battle, terrorists tried to relieve the pressure on their associates. However, the wise Palestinian forces responded to the message that they are not allowed to make camps a focal point to hit back at the Palestinians and the Lebanese.

In recent days, Ain al-Halwa camp has witnessed renewed clashes between the Palestinian forces and extremist factions. The camp is often overtaken by violence with a large number of weapons, extremist members as well as elements supporting ISIS.

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