IN PICTURES: These are the ISIS militants forced to leave Syria’s Raqqa

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Syria’s Raqqa Civil Council said on Sunday that al-Tabaqah’s city council has agreed to host ISIS militants who departed Raqqa in accordance with an agreement made earlier this week.

The accepted request was filed by residents in Karishan, Raqqa. Their request aimed to prevent bloodshed and to free remaining parts of Raqqa from the clutches of ISIS, who had claimed the city as their “capital” since establishing their self-proclaimed caliphate.

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Footage and pictures emerged showing some ISIS militants handing themselves over to the US-backed Democratic Syrian Forces on Sunday. The militants stood in a hall joined with Raqqa and Tabaqah council members.


ISIS foreign fighters banned

Also, Raqqa’s civil council had banned foreign ISIS fighters on Sunday from leaving the city.

In a statement, Raqqa’s council said: “For clarity and accuracy, we see that foreign ISIS [members] are not within the civil council and the tribal committee’s interests. They cannot be forgiven.”

“The surrenders consist of Syrians only. Together with their families they are a total of 275 individuals,” the civil council added.

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Speaking to AFP news agency, Syrian Democratic Forces spokesperson Talal Slio said: “More than 3,000 civilians left on Saturday evening to safe areas under SDF control in accordance with the agreement between Raqqa Civil Council, tribe elders and local ISIS fighters.”

He continued saying, “Raqqa is now completely free of civilians ISIS used to take as human shields.”

“About 250 to 300 foreign terrorists remain [in the city] from those who refused the agreement and chose to fight down to the last minute. Members of their families are also with them,” added Slio.

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