New details emerge about kidnapped Saudi citizen in Lebanon

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New details have emerged about the kidnapped Saudi citizen in Lebanon, Ali al-Bishrawi.

Bishrawi’s brother, Mohammed, said that they were informed of his kidnapping after Ali’s wife, Fasila Azir, called them.

Ali’s family is in constant contact with the concerned authorities in Lebanon and the Saudi embassy in Beirut, he added.

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Mohammed said that Ali and Fasila, a Syrian national, have been married for seven years and have a child together.

Mohammed noted that Ali first left for Lebanon six months ago in order to finalize matters before residing there, as such he frequented between both countries. He was in constant contact with the family, Mohammed added.

Lebanese media sources said that the family of the Saudi national received a call demanding $1 million to release him.

Unknown motive

In this context, Mohammed said that they have no knowledge of the motive behind the kidnapping incident. Whether it’s just for the money or for other reasons they don’t know, he said.

At this point, Mohammed asked the kidnappers to release his brother at once under no conditions.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese Interior Minister said: “We are investigating the kidnapping of a Saudi citizen case and we will not allow anyone to exploit the political crisis to disturb the atmosphere.”

The safety and security of Saudi nationals, and all Arab and foreign nationals, is a priority for the Lebanese authorities, and tampering with security and stability is a red line, and the security forces have been mobilized, he added.

Earlier, the Saudi Foreign Ministry asked its nationals residing in and visiting Lebanon to leave as soon as possible, and also advised its nationals not to travel to Lebanon from any international destination.