Syrian opposition seek a political solution in six months

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Syrian opposition leader Nasr Hariri requested that Russia and other countries put real pressure on Damascus to reach a political solution within six months in accordance with UN resolution 2254.

Hariri said the opposition had no preconditions for talks, but planned to discuss all the details of the political transition, including Assad's fate.

Hariri also noted that it is impossible to engage directly in negotiations regarding the constitution and elections during the current circumstances while the Assad regime is in Syria.

Hariri has previously announced that UN mediator de Mistura plans to extend the Geneva talks until December 15.

The delegation of the Syrian regime arrived in Geneva on Wednesday to join the United Nations talks to resolve the Syrian crisis after missing the first day.

The meetings of the first day of the Geneva talks ended with a single meeting.

The delegation of the Syrian opposition, led by the team of the UN envoy to Syria Stephan de Mistura, gathered at the UN headquarters in Geneva.

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