Hariri circles hint some of his partners in government have ‘betrayed’ him

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Lebanon’s political scene is again engulfed in controversy for the past two days, particularly within Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s coalition government.

It all erupted after Hariri circles accused some of their partners in government and Future Movement figures of treason.

On Monday, Hariri, who heads the Future Movement, wrote on Twitter that he “will reveal everything” during a television interview with Marcel Ghanem. However, the tweet was later deleted.

According to the official Future Movement website Al-Mustaqbal, Hariri said while receiving members of his party that he will reveal many details about the recent crisis he has been through and noted that some political parties tried to find themselves a foothold during this crisis “via backstabbing.”

“In all cases, I will come out with everything during the interview at Kalam Ennas with Marcel Ghanem,” Hariri said on Twitter.

After Hariri deleted the tweet, Marcel Ghanem tweeted: “Upon Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s wish who announced his intention to (say everything) via Kalam Ennas, the episode has been postponed for now to another day which will be announced later.”

However, the situation eventually became clear when Future Movement Secretary General Ahmad Hariri said on Wednesday during a television interview that “Saad Hariri knows everything about what happened in the past three weeks.”

Serving Lebanon's stability

“Ever since the settlement we reached, we decided to mainly work towards serving Lebanon’s stability and safety,” he said, adding that the prime minister was not pressured to cancel the interview.

Asked whom the premier meant when he said he “will reveal everything,” Ahmad said there were many questions to be asked to the Lebanese Forces, headed by Samir Geagea, and which is the most prominent Christian ally of Saad Hariri.

Ahmad noted that these questions related to the performance of the government, adding: “We need answers.”

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The Future Movement Secretary General also slammed former minister Ashraf Rifi and said his stances during the recent crisis served Hezbollah, adding that some figures like Rifi and others, who owe Saad Hariri, “have gotten daggers to stab Saad.”

Not only that but relations with Member of Parliament Khaled al-Daher, who is viewed as one of Saad Hariri’s most prominent allies in North Lebanon, have also witnessed some unprecedented tensions, especially after he said that the prime minister “has been kidnapped by Hezbollah.”

Good ties

Meanwhile on Wednesday evening, Saad Hariri said while receiving families in his Downtown residence, that he “has good ties with the Lebanese Forces,” adding, however, that he “wishes they can be better.”

This is because some of his allies in government have viewed his recent stance as a “settlement” regarding the matter of Hezbollah.

Hariri had resigned as prime minister on November 4. However, he put his resignation on hold later following a request from Lebanese President Michel Aoun, and on December 5 officially rescinded his resignation.

“The Lebanese government said it is committed to the Taif Agreement and to a policy of self-restraint from any regional conflicts,” Hariri said when he rescinded his resignation.