Iran says chemical attack charges are ‘conspiracy’ against the Syrian regime

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Iran on Sunday condemned allegations of a chemical attack on Syria’s Eastern Ghouta rebel holdout as a “conspiracy” against its ally, President Bashar al-Assad, and a pretext for military action.

“Such allegations and accusations by the Americans and certain Western countries signal a new conspiracy against the Syrian government and people, and a pretext for military action,” Iran’s foreign ministry said in a statement.

Tehran warned any military intervention would “certainly complicate the situation” in Syria and the wider region.

“With the Syrian army having the upper hand on the ground against the armed terrorists, it would not be rational for it to use chemical weapons,” the statement said.

The alleged chemical attack has sparked international outrage, with US President Donald Trump warning there would be a “big price to pay.”

The Syrian regime and its other key backer Russia both denied any use of chemical weapons as “fabrications.”

Confirmed use of chemical weapons

French President Emmanuel Macron and Trump agreed in a phone call that chemical weapons had been used in Syria’s Eastern Ghouta on April 7, and would work together to establish clear responsibility for their use.

They “exchanged their information and analysis confirming the use of chemical weapons,” the French presidency said in a statement early on Monday.

“All responsibilities in this area must be clearly established,” added the French presidency’s statement.

(With AFP and Reuters)

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