Father of killed Egyptian girl in Britain says forensics will extract daughter’s organs

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Hatem Moustafa, the father of Egyptian girl Mariam who was killed in a mob attack in Nottingham in Britain, said forensics have requested to extract several organs from his daughter’s body to determine the final cause of her death.

Speaking to Al Arabiya.net, Moustafa said that the forensics team told him that they will be extracting his late daughter’s heart, lungs and brain to determine whether she died because of an organ malfunction.

Moustafa explained that he cannot deny the team this request. The father is also skeeling the team’s final medical report as soon as possible to file a lawsuit against those who were negligent in treating Mariam after she was injured.

Surveillance footage

According to Moustafa, whose daughter would have turned 19 on Wednesday, surveillance footage from cameras in nearby shops to were the mob attack took place revealed the details of the attack and the identity of the perpetrators. The attackers were black women who told Mariam: “You are Muslim. You kill people and blow yourselves up while screaming God is Great,” then proceeded to hit her and dragged her.

Moustafa added that the driver of the bus from where Mariam escaped failed to save his daughter from the assaulters and did not contact the police and medics right away.

He also said that the incident was a criminal and racist attack and has nothing to do with politics. The investigation team is not updating the family and only informed them that they would receive their daughter’s body after the investigations conclude, he added.

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He noted that the authorities have not taken the family’s feelings as Muslims into consideration and did not meet their demand to take Mariam’s body to bury it according to Islamic laws which stipulate that bodies must be buried as soon as possible from the time of death.

Moustafa said that according to surveillance camera-footage, two of the women accused of attacking and killing Mariam had attacked Mariam and her sister in August also on the basis of hate crime.

Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry had requested Britain to speed up the ongoing investigation process and punish the perpetrators as soon as possible. He also called for punishing anyone who was medically negligent at treating Mariam.