Iraqi elections see violations, glitches in polling machines

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An Iraqi group monitoring the parliamentary elections reported that some of the electronic polling machines, in parts of the capital Baghdad and other governorates, broke down on Thursday.

The monitoring group “Tamouz” stated to Al that they have registered today many violations during the special polling in Sadr city inside Baghdad and in other parts of Iraq - mostly voting machine breakdowns during the polls.

These glitches caused long waiting lines of voters piling at the doors of polling stations, in addition to the presence of only one checking machine to rule out if the voter did not vote in another poll station.

The group also observed that some machines couldn’t read voter IDs, indicating that problems occurred between the election commission and voters, while some observers were not allowed to enter one of the polling stations in Salah El Din.

Local media outlets also reported that voters were complaining of the slow process in Sulaymaniyah governorate, whereas some voters gave up and left without voting, hoping to come in later.

Meanwhile, the “New Generation Iraq” movement complained against the electoral commission in Sulaymanyah for not sticking to the final schedule of handing electoral cards to voters.

It is worth mentioning that the Iraqi electoral commission had declared earlier that 900,000 voters from the army and security units - among them Peshmerga forces - can vote with the special ballots and for two days ending Friday evening.

Iraqis will vote on Saturday to elect a new parliament, in the fourth legislative elections since 2003, to decide the fate of the next four years in Iraq.

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