What’s the deal with video showing money boxes with photos of Iraqi Badr leader

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On Wednesday, a video trending on social media sites stirred suspicion in Iraqi circles, especially after some shots showed boxes full of dollars, said to be sent from Iran with pictures of the leader of the Badr Organization and the leader of the Fatah alliance in Iraq, Hadi al Amiri.

In the video we could hear the voice of someone claiming to be an employee at the al-Mandhariya border point in the Diyala province. He was saying that the money was on its way to the Fatah alliance, which includes factions of the Popular Mobilization Forces (known to be pro-Iranian regime), yet the boxes were seized at the check point.

The person speaking in the video called on Prime Minister Abadi to send security personnel as soon as possible to investigate the matter.

The voice in the video also said that the port received many calls from the Interior Ministry, Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq militia and the Badr Organization regarding the release of the shipment.

While we could not verify the authenticity of the video or its date, nor were we able to have any information regarding it; the Iraqi Border Ports Authority denied on Wednesday evening, the entry of funds and propaganda posters sent from Iran to Iraq, in order to support the leader of the Fatah coalition Hadi Amiri.

“We deny the entrance of any posters or electoral propaganda accompanied with money through the port of Mandhariya in the province of Diyala, as reported by some social media pages, which shared a video illustrating the entrance of these propaganda materials to the Iraqi territory.” the statement read.

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