Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ release from hospital delayed

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Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ release from hospital has been delayed, according to a presidency statement obtained by Al Arabiya.

Abbas was expected to leave hospital on Sunday afternoon after a week of treatment for pneumonia.

His extended hospitalization has led to widespread speculation over his condition, particularly with no successor publicly in line for the Palestinian presidency.

Pictures and video of Abbas walking around the wards and reading a newspaper were published late Monday, in an apparent attempt to calm rumors that his condition was more serious than reported.

Abbas was admitted on May 20 with complications following an ear operation, including a high fever.
Officials have since confirmed he was being treated for pneumonia.

In February, he underwent what were described as routine medical tests in the United States.

Abbas won a four-year term as president in 2005, but he has since remained in office without further elections.

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