Qatar defends Iran, rejects any military targeting of Tehran

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Qatar's Defense Minister Khaled al-Attiyah said his country would not be dragged into any conflict with Tehran. At an international security conference in Singapore, Attiyah defended Iran's nuclear deal and called for its rescue and adherence.

Attiyah’s statement came after he was asked about the possibility of war between the United States and Iran, where Washington has a large air base in Qatar.

Having cut off rapprochement with Iran, Qatar is moving to defend it in international forums, in a new position that Doha has rejected any military targeting against Iran.

Attiyah stressed in his speech before the security conference in Singapore that Doha would not be drawn into any conflict with Tehran, and did not prefer to use national bases to launch air raids on Iran.

Qatar hosts the Al Udeid Air Base, the largest US base in the region which is home to thousands of US personnel and a forward command centre.

"If any third party is trying to push the region or some country in the region to start a war with Iran, this will be very dangerous," he said.

The Qatar defense minister had ignored Iran's interference in the affairs of Arab countries and its role in destabilizing the region, and focused his speech as a neighboring country which must seek encouragement and dialogue with, before defending the Iranian nuclear agreement and calling for its rescue.

“Everyone should remain committed to this agreement and move forward,” he said.

Attiyah’s stance falls in line with the close rapprochement between Doha and Tehran after the boycott of the four countries because of Qatar’s support for terrorist activities.

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